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Microgreens – Peas


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Pea shoots are the sprouts of green peas that are produced as a Micro-green on tray flats, similar to sunflower, wheatgrass or buckwheat greens. These tender young “shoots”created from dried peas, provide a delicious and nutritious edible sprout variety that can be eaten raw in salads or prepared much the same way you would any leafy green vegetable.

Pea sprouts are typically germinated from field or garden peas, like snow pea or the sugar snap legume, as they produce a sweeter flavor and do not contain potential neurotoxins that exist in other pea species.

The nutritional profile of pea sprouts, especially when freshly harvested, contains vitamins and minerals including folate and Vit. A as well as chlorophyll and about 20% protein. A one cup serving contains about 50% of the daily value for Vit. C, one of the highest next to broccoli sprouts. (*)

The shoots are additionally comprised of flavonoids and polyphenols, specifically lignans and coumestrol, which are recently being studied for their anticarcinogenic and anti-inflammatory activities.

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